Company Stories

We all heard this before: Somebody starts a business, works really hard and then sells it for millions. Then we also heard this: Somebody starts a business, works really hard and then fails. They definitely have experienced a lot of things in common, but a different ending, so why is that? Was it luck, timing, great team, or a good product?

For eight years, while growing my own company I obsessed with finding the answer, but in the end I realized that (for me) the questions were wrong. Being successful has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you make. I know that most people measure success by money, but that is that their reality, their world.


MobiHand Journey

I have used “lean startup” principles within the company, but this journey is so much more than that. We learn from both success and failures, but the question is how much was it wasted time and energy? While this is my story and I might found some of the answers, what good if they are not shared with the world?

Plus, some say that the best way to learn is teach (well, share in my case).


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