1. Photo Book page – theme selection 

Hypothesis  – Faster/Easier Photo Book Selection. Avoid the need to scroll to find your Photo Book selection (Existing vs. Test)

pb  pb-new



2. Photo Book page top slider 

Hypothesis – Increase Conversion Rate – Add CTA (slide 1) and fix CTA (slide 2)

Slider 1 – there is no CTA – wasted real estate/opportunity



Slider 2 – CTA “Start Your Book” lands to an information page with no CTA (dead end), the user has to go back to actually Start a book.

Solution: Add CTA to the second page or make the first CTA land on a different page. If CTA added to the second page, page needs to be redesigned, too many CTA needed under the current matrix design




this the landing page of the “Start your book” button





3. Photo Book page – theme selection – segmentation by customer needs, not by product type

Hypothesis – Separate the different types of customers based on their needs – simple/fast… – see Shutterfly’s approach

“Three great ways” – creation of three customer segments

Custom, Simple – names are reflecting expectations – for example my wife selected the Simple Path, as time was her most important factor

Quick explanation of what you get






Custom Path – step 2

Positives: Adding visuals to the numeric size. Top Seller (helps user decide – herd mentality)

Test: Start with the higher price option – anchoring effect








4. Photo Book top menu

Hypothesis – Adding visuals to the menu will increase conversion rate, especially on a site that focuses on pictures – various examples


menu1 menu2 menu3 menu4



5. Photo Book- side slider to prompt users to take a certain path 

Hypothesis – Engage users and provide a solution to better qualify/convert them

Implementation on this case of Step 3 could be done much better. Also, message “check back soon” is poorly written. Could say “your personalized experience will be ready in 3 minutes”. This way you keep the user engaged with the site, while the personalized product is created (due to technical limitations)


hp                                        hp2                           hp3



6.  Welcome Mat

Hypothesis – Increase conversion rate by – customer segmentation (create funnels), special offers, ease of product selection.

Con: This method can be highly intrusive and can turn off visitors – test triggers – timing, user action…




7. Canvas 

Hypothesis – Increase conversion rate – Size Selection, Art Selection (Existing vs. Test)

Hypothesis – Offering top quality stock images – Flickr, Instagram, Art.com for Canvas selections would increase sales for this product


  • Move the canvas to eye height
  • move the add to cart button just above the price/size selection
  • show the height of the person

canvas1 canvas2


Test: Show the actual shape of the numerical sizes

Mixbook vs. Flickr



c1 c2


Test: How the color of the background can influence the customer decision? Does this black background makes it look more professional?

Test: How many/ which options should be on the page?



c3 c5



8. My Projects

Hypothesis – Reorganize options to increase Project to Sale conversion


  • Remove the Publish, Settings, Copy, Delete, and Edit as text and make them a gear/action icon with the options
  • Make Change Title text smaller or replace it with and Edit icon on mouse over
  • Add CTA button Order